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Of Stories and Magic Meet Ujjwal Batra

A child prodigy who evolved into a Mind-Body Therapist par excellence, Ujjwal Batra has been on the path of spirituality for 12 years now.


Ujjwal is someone who understood the commonly unfamiliar space of spirituality even at the tender age of 9. Ujjwal’s mission is to make spirituality simple and accessible to everyone through tools and techniques that facilitate self-empowerment and allow seekers to achieve their highest potential.


Ujjwal believes that spirituality is effective only when it can rise beyond being an esoteric philosophy and become amenable to being integrated in day-to-day living.

Healing is a personal journey

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Guided Meditations

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Guided Meditations

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Make nurturing your spiritual well-being a daily ritual. Our blogs will help you integrate spirituality into your life effortlessly.


Integrate spirituality into your life effortlessly with our easy tips and practices
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About Urjaa

Urjaa is a community of like-minded people who are on the path of raising their awareness, bringing their attention to all aspects of life, not just to tend to spiritual/mental needs but to promote holistic growth. We are NOT healthcare practitioners available through helplines.

Ours is a fraternity that supports you in

  • Helping you heal your physical health
  • Providing you tools to understand your mind
  • Becoming aware of your emotions
  • Learning how to hone your skills as a trainer
  • Inspiring you to initiate and maintain your practices
  • Empowering you to feel heard, seen and cared for

Founder's Message

My nascent interplay with spirituality began years before I comprehended the meaning of the word.

I am still a student, a constant learner, and I still raise questions and seek answers.

What I have been able to materialise is the SHARING of my learnings and wisdom from my lived experiences.

It has been a privilege to serve seekers with the tools and techniques that I have, and with that, GRACE follows.

Loved by our clients....

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