✨ You can buy yourself some fresh flowers and keep them around you and connect with their freshness.

✨ You can buy yourself your favourite snack, fully enjoy and cherish it as you eat it. Raise that JOY.

✨You can spend some money on things that make you happy and also for sharing happiness with your loved ones. 

✨Have a nice and warm salt water bath. You can use incense, essential oils or some special things you would like to use for enhancing your bathing experience.

✨Burn your favourite candles or aroma diffusers to create a rejuvenating vibe.

✨Think of all the good things that have happened to you. 

✨Be grateful for everything that you have around you. Write a Gratitude Journal.

✨ Meditate and do your favourite rituals and prayers.

Your life is a GIFT, you just have to unwrap it if you haven’t done it yet🎁

Simply HONOUR your presence, love your being, pamper yourself ✨

Bless you 

Ujjwal Batra

Ujjwal Batra
Ujjwal Batra

Seeker, learner, facilitator, mind-body therapist.
I believe that spirituality is not something to be achieved or acquired, but something that is a way of life.

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Hello! My name is Ujjwal Batra

I am a mind-body therapist, walking on the path of spirituality for the last 12 years.

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