1. Get a candle, hold it in your hands, pray for blessing your house and fill it with good wishes for your space and perform this excellent 30 minutes Space Cleansing and Blessing Meditation by following the guidance in the video given below.

2. Follow this 15-minute guided meditation video if you wish to do a Breath Meditation, tuning into the vibrations of the Full Moon.

3. Here is a 10-12 minute highly recommended Full Moon Release Ritual. 

4. This is a Full Moon Affirmation Meditation, a 21-minute process to help you relax, feel better, and make your energies lighter and brighter.

5. Take a good relaxing warm water bath with some natural salt added to it. Relax, surrender, take your time and enjoy! 

Here are some options in the menu for the day. Pick whatever suits you. If you are busy today, don’t stay in the guilt of not being able to do anything. You are already doing a lot. Relax and continue LIVING wholeheartedly 🌙🌕✨

Ujjwal Batra
Ujjwal Batra

Seeker, learner, facilitator, mind-body therapist.
I believe that spirituality is not something to be achieved or acquired, but something that is a way of life.

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Hello! My name is Ujjwal Batra

I am a mind-body therapist, walking on the path of spirituality for the last 12 years.

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