✨ On a sheet of paper, write all that you no longer wish to hold in your life and you are ready to RELEASE. 

✨ Write in clear, crisp points.

✨ READ what you have written once or twice, allow your INTENTIONS to support the Letting Go process, and gently allow that energy to clear out from your system.

✨ Let go of those energies that you set free and BURN that sheet of paper in fire (using a candle, diya or any other source of fire). Do this with awareness. Allow the process. Dispose the ashes.

✨ EXHALE out all those unwanted energies and RELEASE.

✨ Set an intent to PURIFY your energy.

✨ BREATHE in the moonlight and meditate in it. Bask in the highly supporting and healing light of the Full Moon.


Ujjwal Batra


Ujjwal Batra
Ujjwal Batra

Seeker, learner, facilitator, mind-body therapist.
I believe that spirituality is not something to be achieved or acquired, but something that is a way of life.

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Hello! My name is Ujjwal Batra

I am a mind-body therapist, walking on the path of spirituality for the last 12 years.

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